Filing for bankruptcy is often considered to be one of the quickest and simplest ways to come out of debt. While it clears a couple of your debts, but in the end, you might be charged for more than what you had initially bargained for. Filing for bankruptcy would mean that you have to attend mandatory counselling for your credits, keep on making payments to the potential creditors and attend a mandatory session on financial management. Bankruptcy is therefore considered as a final option for the people who experience monetary constraints. This is exactly why people who are under severe debt always look out for ways to avoid bankruptcy. While you can always attend debt counselling sessions, consult with your creditors, look out for new ways to increase your income and even consider refinancing your home; one of the best options in this regard would be to go for a car title loan.

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Sell your assets

If you are looking to avoid filing for bankruptcy, one of the easiest and simplest things which you can do is sell everything that you can spare. With that money, you can at least pay off a part of your debts. Take the action immediately, preferably at the time when you realize that you cannot afford to make any new payments at all. If you wait till the very last for your credit to disperse then, it might be too late for any additional action.


Handle your creditors with professional help

Consulting and negotiating with your creditors can also be a viable option to avoid bankruptcy. However, if you cannot do this on your own, look for a professional credit counsellor who has an extensive experience in this field. According to the new bankruptcy law, you will have to opt for credit counselling before filing for bankruptcy. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you choose this counselling as an alternative to bankruptcy. The debt management plans might apparently seem difficult to achieve, but if you observe carefully, you are likely to find parts in your stringent budget that lets you make the payment.

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Go for an auto title loan

A car title loan is when you borrow some money from a potential lender and in return, you sign off your car to the loan company as a part of security for that particular loan. In simpler words, you have given someone the pink slip to your vehicle in return for some money. Giving the lender this auto title would mean that you no longer own your car. If you have to sell or even transfer it, then too you would need that pink slip back, and to get that back, you will have to pay the loan off.


Most people opt for the auto title loans because it does not require any credit check. This indeed is highly essential for the individual who is considering bankruptcy because he already has a low credit score. These loans are also available quickly and conveniently which is why most people choose this option. Click the button down below to get started.