CACalifornia isn’t all palm trees and sunshine. A trip to this popular state will give you the opportunity to catch the sunset in the briny, sea air of a crisp, cold, San Diego beach, hike down into Northern California’s Black Diamond Mines or traverse the deep woods trails that have called avid, nature-lovers to this state for decades. Southern California holds a host of amusement parks, is home to the world-renown, San Diego zoo and it is the one place where people can take extensive tours of celebrity homes and dine at the restaurants that their favorite actors and actresses have dined in. Whether you love vacations filled with high-adrenaline activities like zip lining or dream of sampling your way through mouth-watering brunchs at the bed and breakfasts that line the coasts of Carmel, there are countless, fun things to do in California.

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1. Take A Napa Wine Tour

Northern California’s wind country is known all throughout the world for its sophisticated and diverse range of vintners and the top-tier wines that they produce year after year. A wine tour can include group dinners with local surf and turf served with strategic wine pairings and one-of-a-kind desserts prepared by some of the world’s leading and most recognized chef. While in the area, travelers can stop by Sausilito to gnosh for homemade ice cream served in giant-sized waffle cones, take tours of Alcatraz and Angel Islands or ferry on over to San Francisco to shop the high-end department stores and famed boutiques on Market Street.

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2. Go To Disneyland

No, don’t just go to Disneyland. Take the entire Southern California tour of amusement parks by hitting up Universal Studios, Knottsberry Farm, Legoland and Disneyland. Southern California is truly a place of hedonistic revelry and child-like wonderment. Whether dancing with real, live versions of your favorite storybook characters while taking in an electric lights show under the night sky or seeing unforgettable creations that have been forged entirely from micro-sized, plastic building blocks, the amusement parks in this region are guaranteed to drive your inner child wild.

3. The San Diego Zoo And SeaWorld

The San Diego Zoo has gone out of its way to offer some pretty stiff competition to local amusement parks and thus, it’s become the ideal attraction for both animal lovers and thrill-seekers alike. Pair this with a stop at SeaWorld and you’ll get the best of both marine and land animals while gaining access to activities and entertainment like live dolphin shows, zip-lining, roller coasters, water rides, boat rides and more. There’s literally nothing you can’t do and never enough time to take everything in.

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4. Getty Center Museum

Home of the John Paul Getty collection, this museum is must-see for art lovers and just a short jaunt away from some of the most popular, Hollywood tours. Visitors can take long walks through the breathtaking museum gardens and view the expansive range of standing and current exhibits.

5. The Griffith Observatory

If it isn’t enough to have the chance to hang with Hollywood stars, you can also take a closer look at the real stars by heading over to the Griffith Observatory. Equipped with a massive observation deck, a large planetarium that hosts regular shows, this observatory will give you the best views of the galaxy and of the local terrain. You’ll also find a coffee shop and a well-stocked book store. Best of all, admission is totally free.