car valueIf you are getting ready to approach an auto title company in San Diego, you will want to do a few things to improve the value of your vehicle. While your car’s value is not the only thing that determines whether the loan will be approved or declined, it does play a crucial part. If your car looks stained and dirty, you are sending potential lenders a message that your car is worthless. If you can brag about high-quality tires or new brakes, your car loan will be approved faster than you think possible. Before you approach any auto title company in the city, use these tips to increase the value of your car.

Restore the interior

Be sure to clean out every nook and cranny and other areas such as the trunk and foot wells. It can be worthwhile to clean the undercarriage and replace tactile items like gear levers or steering wheels. Place tire gloss on the tires and make sure you de-grease its engine and polish chrome engine parts. Most financiers assume that if a car is stained and dirty, other areas were neglected as well and so the car won’t fetch the highest possible price if the borrower defaults to this assumption.

improving your vehicleMake simple fixes

If at one time in your vehicle’s life, someone removed the chrome badge, you will need to replace it, just as long as this won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Make sure warning lights are not blinking on the dashboard. If the check-engine light flickers on your dashboard, have it checked. This could be something cheap to fix. If it is not, you can choose to have it repaired or just tell your lender the ugly truth.

Brighten the headlights

Don’t think faded headlights are not worth fixing, they are. Restoring your car’s headlights can transform its appearance from dull to clear in no time. Headlight staining and contamination are caused by oxidation from UV rays, humidity and salt. If you don’t want to replace them, you can try to cleaning them. There are countless of headlight cleaning products out there that can brighten those headlight covers in minutes. If the door, the trunk and the hood rubbers are cracked, replace them, too. Visit to get more car tips that you can use.

Remove dents and scratches

While it is not worth spending hundreds on major body work, some minor scratches and dents can be fixed without spending a little bit too much. Simple scratches can easily be polished at home. For serious dents, there are countless of reputable companies that can handle the task. Choose carefully, however, do not to end up paying for poor services. While you might be tempted to overlook these things, leaving anything unfixed will bring your care into question.

When you need cash fast but you have run out of options, a lot of auto title loans in San Diego can help. Even with a bad credit, you can still get these loans from various car title loan firms as long as your car value is decent. Use the tips above to maximize the worth of your car before approaching these lenders.